What are Nano contracts and how do they work?

The development of Nano Contracts will start in Q1 2021. Hathor envisions smart contracts capabilities on top of Hathor to be as simple and easy-to-use as their current tokenization features. According to Pareto’s Principle, we can expect 80% of the real-world use cases for smart contracts to be based on 20% of the full possibilities they can offer.

So Nano Contracts will be focused in bringing a bulletproof and radically accessible version of “that 20%”. This can be very relevant for mass adoption, specially when paired with the scalable nature of Hathor’s architecture.

Hathor wants everyone to be able to create contracts with only a few lines of information. They’re not going to create the most complex dApps in the world, but 80% of their needs should be fulfilled in a few minutes.