Hathor has laid out a lot of ground work already, but is there a plan to release a roadmap with a timeline of expected completion for each goal?

On the short term, this is the Hathor roadmap:

– scalable wallet service

– transaction mining service

– improve situation with orphan blocks

– The wallet service is to make sure users can load their wallets instantly, no matter how many txs. Hathor knows this is a problem right now for people with lots of transactions

– The tx mining service makes sure people don’t get timeouts when sending transactions, since there’s a PoW to be done before sending. The Hathor team is providing this service for now with their own miners, and the orphan block situation is already known for people mining, Hathor wants to make sure they address that. That’s short term (~1 month). For long term, Hathor plans on working on new functionalities for the full network:

– DEX;

– Nano Contracts;

– Oracles;

– Side-DAGs/Side-Chains