Tokenomics and pre-mined coins is a huge discussion on Hathor groups. Is there any burn scheduled?

Wednesday, the 27th of January 2021, Hathor Labs progressed with the proposed changes for the future circulating supply of the HTR token previously published in the Token Economics paper:

20% are permanently out of circulation — 200M tokens were sent to the address HDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeagTPgmn and will never enter into circulation again. No one holds the keys to this address, and these funds will become inaccessible forever.

18% moved to a 5-year lock — 180M HTR were transferred to the address HPioFotYvd2mgc1SCCLzUJ1xvdVDgoWZVy, controlled by Hathor Labs. These tokens will not be accessible or put in circulation until January 3rd, 2025, when the mainnet completes five years.

This execution means that those 200M tokens are out of reach forever and will never be put in circulation again, reducing indefinitely by 20% the total pre-mined supply.

Regarding the tokens sent to HPioFotYvd2mgc1SCCLzUJ1xvdVDgoWZVy , they will be again unlocked on January 3rd, 2025. On this date, Hathor Labs will re-evaluate these vaulted tokens, and, in case they are no longer needed for the project’s growth and support, they may also be put out of circulation partially or entirely.