What use cases are currently being built on Hathor?

Hathor, through Hathor Labs, is a corporate-oriented solution provider and paves the way to HTR usage and adoption.

Hathor is now in discussions with a few companies, where Hathor provides consulting for blockchain solutions. Some of these companies didn´t even think that they could use blockchain technology due to lack of knowledge or being too hard/costly to implement.These are the ones that Hathor can talk with now:

– Hathor developed a proof-of-concept for STOs. Though Hathor is still under NDA, they expect to publicly release in Q2 2021. This unleashes Hathor’s potential for what could be a large security token offering in Brazil.

– The second one has to do with Humanitarian initiatives using the Hathor network.

– Other 3rd party developments Hathor wants to support: HathorDex, for example.That is why grants will be a leading force towards bringing new builders on the Hathor network.