Easy-to-Create Token-platforms like Hathor Network can become a ground for scam tokens, Is there any kind of screening or quality check for tokenized projects who will join?

Anyone can create a token on HTR, and the names are not proprietary.

As a permissionless platform, it is hard or impossible to block scammers from creating “fake” tokens using names such as Bitcoin, Ethereum BCH, XRP, etc. Hathor has already seen some users naming their minted tokens to “squat” these names and cash tags, which is futile. It is the same way Ethereum works: there are thousands of tokens using the same names, though the ones with value (and therefore not scams) are unique by the contract address instead of just the name. 

The same applies to Hathor Network, and Hathor has a video about it: https://youtu.be/olg6Vxf0p7s Important for everyone: Hathor still does not have any wrapped tokens on Hathor Network yet. If someone offers you a hBTC, it is a scam