FGV is a Brazilian institution of higher education and think tank with the mission “to stimulate Brazilian socio-economic development”. Does that mean Hathor’s focus is only on Brazil? What about other countries such as parts of Asia, Europe and others.

FGV is the leading think-tank & Business School in Latin America, where Yan (CEO)  had the honor to study and meet the CTO & Founder Marcelo Brogliato.

Most of the team members are born in Brazil, making life easier when developing projects locally. The good aspect of it is that Brazil’s economy has continental proportions. So even the very first projects that are coming from the country could easily reach hundreds, thousands of users. Hathor also has a strong network in Brazil, both in the private and the public sectors, and multiple parties are always positively impressed by the fact that a whole network was built by locals. This helps a lot in terms of business culture, technical and business supports, etc.However, we are a global team with members spread from Seattle to Brussels and many Marketing campaigns focused in Asia for the coming weeks. In terms of use cases, it also came to Hathors knowledge that they have people in North America, Europe and Asia building solutions on top of Hathor! So, it’s a global thing