How does Hathor Network plan to be at the forefront of the NFT innovation?

Hathor is fascinated by the NFTs market. The Marketing Manager Guto Martino has been researching and interacting with this market closely in the last few months, so Hathor already has some ways in mind on how to develop them within Hathors ecosystem.

As of now, tokens on Hathor Network have all the capabilities as ERC-20 tokens (and a few extra ones), which is a huge market out there. By making it easy to create a token, Hathors goal is to enable more people to experiment in the tokenization market and develop new use cases.

Hathor is committed to improving their token capabilities continually, keeping them up-to-date with market demands. Hathor plans to add new features following the ERC-721 standard to foment these exciting use cases for the near future. As with Hathors original design, they will make all changes to deliver an easy-to-use experience for both token creators and users, with a predictable cost structure and in an efficient way.

So, even though NFT features are not implemented yet on Hathor, they consider it such a relevant and potentially huge market as identified in their internal research that it should become technically viable in the Hathor network soon.