What are Nano Contracts? What makes them different from normal smart contracts? What benefits do they bring to the Hathor Network?

With Nano Contracts you’ll have at your disposal a set of pre-programmed contracts, implemented at the protocol level, which makes them safer and more available. Kinda like battle-tested solutions.

In other words, they are already ready and pre-tested contracts that can be implemented in an easier way compared to regular smart contracts in other networks.

Hathor may have projects all over the world implementing bets, financial derivatives, other financial applications based on “if this, then that”, etc. Hathor can envision some basic modalities of joint governance of funds and other decisions as well.

We can expect 80% of the real-world use cases for smart contracts to be based on 20% of the full possibilities they can offer. So Nano Contracts will be focused on bringing a bulletproof and radically accessible version of “that 20%”.

This can be very relevant for mass adoption, especially when paired with the scalable nature of Hathor’s architecture.

They’re not going to create the most complex dApps in the world in day one, let’s say… But 80% of their needs should be fulfilled without that much coding, etc.

For the remaining use cases that need very complex and specific logic, one of Hathors goals is to provide interoperability between Hathor and other blockchains, as mentioned.