What are the main directions for the development of the project that Hathor has identified for 2021?

Hathor Network was created to fulfill some major gaps in the market, mostly: ease of use and scalability. Hathor is a blockchain company obsessed with use cases and accessible tools for builders of any kind.

Hathors first product is a scalable tokenization platform where anyone can create and manage their own tokens in less than a minute, straight from our mobile or desktop wallets. This is why among many other things, Hathor aims to establish their network in the coming months as a strong platform when it comes to STOs, real-world payments, stablecoins tied to multiple fiat gateways, etc.

Hathor is building smart contracting capabilities on top of Hathor to be as simple and easy-to-use as their current tokenization features. Hathor wants everyone to be able to create Nano Contract-based dApps with only a few lines of information. This will also make it much simpler to create bridges with other layer-1 protocols and unlock liquidity from their chains.This can be very relevant for mass adoption, especially when paired with the scalable nature of both Hathor’s layer-1 architecture and the so-called Side-DAGs, our native version of layer-2 transactional structures, comparable to side-chains. Being the last piece of Hathors 2-year vision to reach enterprise adoption, side-DAGs make it possible for any company to run their own permissioned/private DAG of transactions, at the same time they are all connected to and protected by the proof-of-work of the Hathor public mainnet chain.