What else can you tell us about Side-DAGS?

From a business standpoint Side-DAGs will be amazing to bring Enterprise mass adoption of Hathor. Hathor has been in touch with different players, specially in the Financial sector, already building applications based on their easy, secure and cost-efficient tokenization tools.

But for them to build more complex services, tools like Side-DAGs are essential, because they bring an hybrid approach. They can build on top of their own “network”, at the same time parts of the information are confirmed by the Hathor mainnet. Usually, Hathor starts conversations with senior managers who already are crypto enthusiasts, got to know Hathor Network and liked the value proposition: a user-centric network with high levels of scalability and usability. But then it takes some time for them to reach the C-Level decision makers, because these ones are not that familiar with blockchain. At least not in the context of their business. Side-DAGs will make it possible for them to build on top of something they are more familiar with, they have more control of, etc, so it will bring the “blockchain layer” to the background, in a good way.