What is the main concept of Hathor Network?

From a high level perspective, Hathor Network core features are scalability and ease of use. From both the technical and the business standpoints, Hathor understood that there was still a lot to be done in these fronts and by doing so they could be more steps closer to blockchain mass adoption by startups, end users and Enterprise businesses. From a technical perspective, Hathor Network has a DAG of transactions with a blockchain intertwined. That was the architecture Marcelo came up when researching how to solve the problem of scalability of blockchains. We could spend some time here debating all the challenges this presents, how to guarantee consensus and prevent double spendings and conflicts given this new model. But the basic idea is that of the DAG + blockchain, from a business perspective, dynamic fees are a problem, the cost of implementation is a problem and how to start small and grow your blockchain application is also a problem. These are some of the most important bottlenecks Hathor is trying to tackle with how they designed their network.Hathor offers predictable costs, easy to use tokenization and smart contracting features (the so-called Nano Contracts) and a higher throughput.