Will Hathor be formulating its own oracle solution, or do you plan to add 3rd party solutions? Centralized or decentralized?

When Hathor laid out their initial idea of Nano Contracts, they also had an idea of how to integrate them with oracles. It was an in-house solution which Hathor still plans on developing further. But that was a while back and there has been a lot of development on oracles since then in the crypto space. Part of Hathors work now will be researching the best solution in this sense.Decentralized oracles are a hot topic in crypto right now so Hathor will definitely study how they can use that, but will not limit themselves with just one solution. There are also interesting uses for centralized oracles, like the Coinbase price oracle and the Open Oracle standard. The best might be allowing both types of oracles and letting the user decide. Hathor will not impose one specific model.