With nano contracts being realized on the network do you foresee any DeFi initiatives popping up on Hathor Network?

DeFi initiatives are one of the plans for Nano Contracts. Of course the DeFi space is relatively new and there’s still a lot of innovation going on there, so Hathors philosophy for Nano Contracts require them to study the most used features of that and make them easy to use on the network.

One clear demand emerging out of DeFi is the need for oracles, which Hathor has been planning to couple with Nano Contracts since the beginning and they even had a basic PoC working. But Hathor is also looking to the market and studying the latest ideas, such as decentralized oracles. It’s something Hathor already started looking into. Liquidity pools are also hot at the moment and would fit nicely here. And there are “traditional” markets that Hathor has always planned to support, such as derivatives and betting.